Educate, Inspire and Protect Women

“This campaign and song aims to continue the important conversation around women’s rights, campaigns and charities. Reminding us all that we have innate Goddess Power and should never stop dreaming.”



Protection: A selection of trail blazing and groundbreaking charities chosen by Josefine and her fans are really changing the landscape, educating and assisting women across the UK, Sweden and the rest of Europe.


Protection: A selection of key ongoing female empowerment and equality campaigns you can support today. Campaigns selected by Josefine and her fans surrounding important issues women are facing in today’s society and the changes that need to occur.


Education: A selection of key voices from Josefine and her fans who are leading the conversation around women’s rights, morals, social structures and changing the landscape for the generations coming through.


Inspiration: Inspiring female stories and news of women exercising their innate Goddess Power and leaving a legacy for every generation to come. Stories of overcoming the odds, marginalisation, and claiming their rightful passage to dream.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

Goddess Kinda Power aims to be an anthem uniting women from all cultures and ages with the inner strength, confidence and education to change the modern world. Changing the norms and social structures and empowering a generation of female leaders, innovators, educators, and musicians. Standing united for a greater vision and a place where difference, culture and feminity are forever celebrated and respected.

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